Wine Tasting Games to Celebrate The New Year

Thinking of hosting a wine-tasting party?

Themed parties are always a great idea, and now that 2023 has officially taken off, let’s make it a year to remember. Some of the best moments are spent sipping wine in good company. So why not throw in a couple of games to make it even more special?

Set up the atmosphere, bring your finest glasses, and let the games begin!

Never Have I Ever

If you’re having a group of friends from high school and some fine wine in your cabinet, this is the perfect time to recall your most popular teenage game of ‘Never Have I Ever.’

Now that you’re age-appropriate and don’t need to steal liquor from your parent’s house, you can play this game freely, enjoy your wine, and have a good laugh.

The rules are simple and unchanged: Go around in a circle. Everyone says a ‘Never Have I Ever,’ and whoever did the mentioned thing has to drink.

The great thing about this game is that you can adjust the topic to anything you’d like, whether it’s high school memories, parenthood, work, family, love—whatever comes to mind.

Puzzle & Wine

The ‘Puzzle & Wine’ game is a splendid idea for couples who like game night—only a bit upgraded now. All you need is a puzzle and some tasty wine. Here are the rules:

You divide into teams, and each group has its puzzle. You equip yourself with wine, and once the whistle blows, you start puzzling.

What about the wine?

Oh, right. You have to drink it at all times. After some time, you might start feeling tipsy and find it hard to focus, but that’s the fun—figuring out jigsaw puzzles as you enjoy your drink.

Say What?

If your first thought was hosting a movie night, and now it seems too plain, here’s an idea to help you take your party to the next level. How about adding a wine-tasting part to it?

You can still watch a movie with your friends—there will be a couple of rules. So, when you decide on a movie, pick a word or phrase, and you have to take a sip every time it comes up.

These games are best to play when watching romantic comedies, for example. You’ll hear a lot of “I love you” and “I miss you,” which means a lot of sips for your guests.

Blind Tasting

If you’re a wine lover and your friends are up for a game like no other, the Blind Tasting game is the perfect choice for a fun weekend party at your house.

Bring out as many wines as you’ve got, and don’t hold back on types and varieties—white, red, rose. Sip each one in a different glass and line them up next to each other. Put the blindfold on your friend and let them take a sip of each and guess.

This game can be played in teams of two or three. The team with the most correct guesses wins—a bottle of wine!

Wrapping Up

Hosting a wine-tasting party should definitely be on your to-do list this year. It’s fun to gather friends, laugh, and enjoy your favorite drink.

This is your cue to bring out your finest glasses, put up some decorations and pick a game that best suits your gang—Never Have I Ever, Puzzle & Wine, Say What, or Blind Tasting.

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